Butyl Primary Sealant for Foam Spacers

IGK 511 S is a single-component, thermoplastic, solvent-free, UV-stable sealant made from polyisobutylene, which has been developed exclusively for the primary sealing of insulating glass panes with foam-based spacers.

IGK 511 S is characterized by its very high adhesive properties and impermeability and adheres outstandingly to glass and foam spacers.

The melting process is very rapid, application is even, and its pressure grouting on foam spacers is outstanding.


4 x 15.87 lbs slugs (7.2 kilogram) in a box (63,48 lbs/28,8 kilogram).


At least 2 years when stored between +50°F and +77°F (+10°C and +25°C)


The same conditions apply for both storage and transportation.

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